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Biosecurity key to minimizing spread of Avian Influenza this fall

By Abby Neu, Extension Educator – Poultry, Carol Cardona, Extension specialist, poultry virologist and Sally Noll, Extension poultry scientist

November 1, 2018
Through diligent surveillance, two Minnesota turkey farms have detected low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI). Minnesota has been influenza-free for the last 42 months. These incidents should make every poultry employee, manager and owner step-back and think about possible complacency in their biosecurity practices.

An influenza virus needs a host in order to grow and Minnesota has plenty of hosts to offer within our poultry industry and thriving waterfowl habitats. Clinical symptoms for LPAI are minimal with no physical symptoms while some birds may exhibit respiratory distress.

The particular strain of influenza currently present is H5N2. An H5 virus has potential to mutate into a more serious strain of the virus. This can happen because the virus becomes stronger with each new host (individual bird), and it takes a less i…