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Water, Water Everywhere! How does that relate to biosecurity on poultry farms?

By Dr. Sally Noll

I had to get out for a walk (cabin fever!) despite the dreary sloppy weather on Saturday (January 21, 2017). As I was walking around a nearby lake path, it seemed pretty obvious what to avoid stepping in – large puddles, dog droppings (please dog owners - pick up!!), mud, etc. The lake was starting to open up in areas and there were growing numbers of Mallard ducks hanging out in the open water. I started to wonder if I was avoiding any other nasty things such as avian influenza (if around) on my walk. As I was heading home, I started thinking what I would do if I had to check on poultry at the research farm later in the day? I’m not scheduled to do so, but what if there is an emergency and I need to go in? We do have Danish Entry protocols in place at the research buildings so that should limit potential contamination. As I walked into my garage, I also started thinking about what to do with my non-farm clothing that might have been exposed – primarily my hiking boots and wet/dirty cuffs of my pants. Do I need to consider a Danish Entry system with a line of separation for home as well? Obviously, the boots and pants will come off to avoid tracking things into the house. How much more separation should I consider? What are your thoughts or comments?

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