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Stay connected with the latest U of M poultry research

As a land-grant university, one of the missions of the University of Minnesota is to “focus on teaching of practical agriculture, science, military science and engineering.” Though the scale of the University of Minnesota is large, we are committed to keeping you, no matter where in MN you live, connected to research and innovations happening that will help you succeed in your poultry business.

Here are some of the many ways you can stay connected to the University right from your farm! 

  • Here! Visit the blog often to read up on the latest local poultry news and events. Go ahead and bookmark
  • Gobbles: This is the monthly newsletter of MTGA, you will get a quick glimpse into research projects and educational programs that will benefit you and your operation.
  • Our website: Visit, where the University of Minnesota Extension Poultry team brings university research to you to improve management techniques, develop new products and find new markets.
  • YouTube: Did you know we have a YouTube channel? Of course you did, because you have watched the September 2016 Area Meeting sessions available for viewing there! Other educational videos are also posted, and the library of information will continue to grow as projects are completed. You can find a link to the channel on our webpage (see above), or simply search “UMN Poultry” on the YouTube homepage.
  • Facebook: The brand new page published the end of December is a quick way to access information from the University about Poultry Health and Production. You may find random funny cartoons too. We can all use a laugh sometimes! Find it at
  • Contact us! Abby Neu, Extension Educator is available by phone or e-mail to answer your questions, or connect you with the person who can. (320) 235 – 0726 ext 2019 or

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