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2017 Minnesota FFA Poultry Contest

By Divek Nair, Research Assistant, Dept. of Animal Science

The University of Minnesota Gopher Poultry Science Club (assisted by their advisors, Anup Johny and Sally Noll) hosted the Minnesota FFA Poultry Career Development Event (CDE) on April 24th at the Poultry Teaching and Research Facility on the St. Paul campus of the U of M. 

FFA career development events provide a unique opportunity to high school students competitively express their skills in the production and processing of poultry and poultry products at local, state and national level contests. For instance, based on the pigment loss, handling quality, abdominal capacity, and molt in live laying hens, the students evaluate the past production efficiency of those layers. Additionally, students get the chance to score the shelled eggs for their interior quality using candling and the exterior quality considering parameters such as cleanliness, egg shape, shell texture, ridges, shell thickness and body checks. Following the USDA guidelines, then these eggs are graded.

At this particular event, the students also examined chicken and turkey carcasses with emphasis on identifying poultry parts and grading carcasses considering the presence of defects such as exposed flesh, missing parts and disjointed or broken joints. They evaluated several retail processed products including boneless breaded chicken. Students also completed a written exam and participated in various group activities.

Thanks to Jennie-O Foods and Sparboe Farms for suppling this year’s contest materials. Contest preparation introduced GPSC members who didn’t have FFA contest experience to specifics of setting up the various classes while those with experience were able to pass on their knowledge to other club members.

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