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Poultry Barn Ventilation Workshops Available

Three poultry ventilation workshops were held in various parts of the state in 2016. These workshops were possible through funding from University of Minnesota Rapid Agricultural Response Funds from the Minnesota legislature. Forty-one producers participated in classroom and hands-on learning opportunities, taught by Larry Jacobson, Kevin Janni and Sally Noll. The hands-on lab used the 4-State Swine Ventilation Training Unit (supported by the pork industry and university extension in IA, MN NE and SD).

Participants took home a notebook of instructional materials developed specifically for Minnesota’s poultry industry. The workshop covered topics such as:

· Ventilation principles

· Animal requirements

· Management guidelines

· Troubleshooting tools and techniques

Learning gains were reported by 100% of the attendees. The participants saw great value in having the trailer as a teaching tool and appreciated the willingness of the instructors to spend time on questions.

If you would like to host a similar workshop, please contact Abby Neu, Extension Educator, (320) 235-0726 x 2019

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