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Introduction Week 1 - How to Prepare for Your NPIP Biosecurity Audit

By Abby Neu
Extension Educator, Poultry | (320) 235 - 0726 x 2019

*Please note any templates or resources that can help you, can be found in a Google Drive folder, available to everyone.  Bookmark the site: for easy access.  If a resource is referenced in a post, it is linked directly to the Google Drive.

First, know I’m here to help! For each of the next 13 weeks, I will breakdown one of the Biosecurity Principles to explain, offer discussion and provide resources that can help you complete that portion of the audit. Here is this week's video!

If you want to learn more about the actual audit process in Minnesota, please view this video.  This is a recording of a session presented at the MTGA | CEAM Producer Lunch & Learn in September 2017.  The video is 56 minutes long.

Please download and familiarize yourself with the documents linked below. I will be summarizing and referring to them throughout this series. At minimum, read them once, they will be helpful as your prepare your plan and gather audit documentation.

NPIP Program Standard E – Biosecurity Principles: The best place to start!

Biosecurity Principles Audit Guidelines: This document asks questions and digs deeper into specifics.

Biosecurity Principles Audit Form: This is the standardized form being used to assess your biosecurity plan and documentation.

NPIP Biosecurity Principles Template from U.S. Poultry & Egg Association: This is a request form to have a 1-time download of this PDF template. It’s worth the few minutes to make this request. Once permission has been given to you , make sure to save the download on your computer.

Here are other essentials you need to know:
  • Drs. Dale Lauer and Shauna Voss from the Minnesota Board of Animal Health (MN BAH) will be conducting these audits.  Other MN BAH Field Staff may be called upon to assist in the audit process.
  • These audits will ONLY be paper audits.  You will NOT have a farm/site visit by MN BAH staff.
  • You will be notified of your audit and given 30 days to submit your biosecurity plan and supporting documentation.  You may submit paperwork electronically, in person at the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory (MPTL) in Willmar, MN, or by U.S. Mail, FedEx, Speedy or other delivery service.
  • Each state is completing the NPIP audits differently, depending on the Official State Agency in charge.  Your friends elsewhere in the country will likely have a different process than you.
If you have any questions or need other resources, please reach out to me by phone (320) 235 - 0726 x 2019 or by e-mail  I'm happy to help you through this process. 

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