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Principle #5 - Personnel

By Abby Neu
Extension Educator, Poultry | (320) 235 - 0726 x 2019

and Hannah Lochner
Extension Livestock Communications Intern

*Please note any templates or resources that can help you, can be found in a Google Drive folder, available to everyone.  Bookmark the site: for easy access.  If a resource is referenced in a post, it is linked directly to the Google Drive.

Your biosecurity plan needs to include standard operating procedures (SOPs) you have in place for personal protective equipment ( PPE) for site-dedicated and non-farm personnel.  Keeping a roster of employees will help decipher who is considered site-dedicated and who falls into the non-farm personnel category. Include the types of PPE used on your farm(s) and by whom. Personal protective equipment (PPE) may include:
          • coveralls 
          • lab coats 
          • boots
          • safety goggles
          • respirators
          • disposable gloves

Designated areas should be used for putting on (donning) and taking off (duffing) PPE to prevent personnel from transferring pathogens to and from the farm site. Learn about 2-zone Danish entry or 3-zone Danish entry in these short videos.

In addition to having a biosecurity plan for each personnel group, special consideration should be taken for personnel that have recently been in contact with other poultry or avian species. These activities may include: 
  • hunting or having other contact with wild birds
  • interacting with backyard poultry
  • pet birds
Be sure to specify procedures for these individuals to complete prior to reentering the Perimeter Buffer Area to lessen risk of disease transfer.

To manage and organize protocol completion for personnel, keep a record of each individual through procedure audits, acknowledgement forms, training records, daily log-in for employees and visitors, or signed policy documents.

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