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Principle #14 - Auditing

By Abby Neu
Extension Educator, Poultry | (320) 235 - 0726 x 2019
And Hannah Lochner
Extension Livestock Communications Assistant

You are now acquainted with the Biosecurity Principles of the National Poultry Improvement Plan. Implementation of these principles is essential to the auditing process.

The last video of this series is a conversation with Dr. Shauna Voss  and Dr. Dale Lauer. They give an overview of the audit process, provide an update to how the first 4 months of auditing have progressed and address some frequently asked questions.  

There are a few points of interest not mentioned in the video. The remainder of this post will address them.

Although audits are based on flock size, Minnesota Board of Animal Health is encouraging all commercial premises to participate, as a best practice. Premises exempted from auditing include those who raise fewer than:
100,000 broilers 30,000 turkeys annually for meat75,000 table egg layers25,000 upland game birds annually2…