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Enroll in online Backyard Chicken course at the U

Dr. Anup Johny will lead a online course titled, Backyard Chickens: Science and Practice during the spring 2019 semester.

Backyard Chickens - Science and Practice is an online course designed to meet the needs of students interested in understanding chickens in general, and for those who engage or are planning to engage in small scale farming of chickens. This course, expanded over 6 modules; (1) Basic biology and behavior (2) Selection (3) Housing (4) Nutrition (5) Management and (6) Diseases as it relates to chickens, will help the students understand the basic science of rearing chickens. Each of the six modules encompasses pertinent short video or PowerPoint lectures that provide fundamental and applied information on backyard chicken rearing. Students will also be introduced to public health, environmental and societal impacts of urban chicken raising.

This course is an undergraduate level course and will run January 22 - May 6, 2019. 
Dr. Johny invites anyone interested in this course to register.  If you are not currently enrolled as a full-time student at the U, the opportunity to enroll as a non-degree seeking or guest student is available.  As a non-degree student, you will be responsible for tuition on a per-credit basis.  Your tuition bill will be ready to view two business days after you register.  To learn more and start the simple process of registering as a guest student, visit One Stop Student Services for detailed information. 

Current UMN students can enroll in the course through standard registration processes. 

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